Strip File Classic Clear lightweight file for keeping loose non-punched sheets. Side strip secures sheets and prevent them from slipping
Conference Folder with Enclosure Enclosed folder for holding loose papers, CD’s and other office materials. Perfect for conferences, meetings & gatherings where publicity material is distributed
Lever Arch File PVC Kangaro Clip Flat lever arch file with anti-slip embossed cover. Detachable metal clip for easy storage and transportation
Clear Display Book 30 Pockets 30 pockets for storing and displaying documents that are frequently referenced. Everyday multi-use books for filing and display
Clear Bag Duotone Dual pockets for extra storage capacity. Contains business card pocket for identification purposes
Card Holder with Jacket 240 Cards Can Store 240 business cards in a sleek album form. Contains an outer jacket for added protection
Ring Binder 2-D Ring 25mm Sturdy 25 mm 2-D clip provides additional storage. Best file for organizing and storing bulk documents which are frequently used
Divider Set Insertable Multicolored 1-10 ‘10’ colored plastic dividers with insertable tabs for easy categorization. 11 punch hole which can fit in all kinds of binders
Report File Classic Perfect for modern stylish presentations Flexible plastic clip secures punched sheets tightly and prevents them from slipping
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Securex files and folders are known for their unmatched quality, eco-friendliness, pleasing aesthetics and innovative craftsmanship. All our products are specifically designed to make organizing papers and filing information a simple undertaking.

We provide ideal filing solutions across all segments of users. Our products are being widely availed of and appreciated by corporate offices, students, institutions, schools, government, etc. In our expansive range of products, you will find the exact file or folder which caters to your specific, even unusual requirement.

We constantly thrive to create innovative products that make your lives easier. Each product has been designed by our Research and Development staff to balance functional requirements with ease of usage, aesthetic design and effective cost. We utilise the latest manufacturing capabilities to ensure the highest level of quality. Being an environment-loving company, we source good quality raw material which is then ethically remoulded into a good eco-friendly plastic product.

Our unremitting goal is to continue ensuring that our products, services and processes make your lives simpler, more organized and efficient. You can trust a Securex file for complete satisfaction.

New Products

Clear Bag Duotone
Clear Bag Duotone
Dual pockets for extra storage capacity. Contains business card pocket for identification purposes
Price: Rs. 38.00
Board Binder 2-D Ring 25mm
Board Binder 2-D Ring 25mm
2-D Ring Binder file with stopper. Rugged binders that can press papers with their weight
Price: Rs. 135.00

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